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Our 2018 travel Bucketlist!

As 2018 is approaching fast, we’re happy to share our 2018 travel bucket list with you!

1. Sleeping in a bird’s nest in Kenya

Kenya, a popular and famous safari destination! But have you ever thought about sleeping in a bird’s nest overlooking the African wilderness?

Welcome to the Nay Palad Bird Nest, Africa’s latest luxurious safari lodge, located in the heart of heart of Laikipia, one of Kenya’s most exciting safari locations.  Ready to get woowed? The Bird Nest is a two-level romantic suite for 2, built next to a river with a 360-degree views over the surrounding plains and waterfalls of Laikipia. Sounds like a perfect escape from everyday life, but it comes with a price: € 981 for a night. Something for our/your honeymoon?

Kenya Bird's nest

2. Norway’s natural wonders

Remote and shaped over the time by the pounding oceans and grinding glaciers, Norway’s majestic natural drama leaves most visitors speechless.  From glaciers and fjords to stirring landscapes and wilderness, from polar nights to seeing the Northern Light, from hip Scandinavian coffee bars to its vibrant cultural life. And I haven’t said anything yet about their wildlife (whales, polar bears, mooses, arctic foxes or birdwatching)…  Norway does not have many competitors when it comes to nature… Planning is key though, as it is quite an expensive country, but it must be SO worth it!

2018 travel bucket list - Norway
© Bård Basberg/Loen Skylift

3. Foodies in Stockholm!

We are not done with Scandinavia yet! We can’t wait to explore the urban life, the healthy food hotspots and the culinary treats Stockholm has to offer! After a complete meal, we see ourselves shopping it off at one of the so many interior & Design shops. Since we are not sure about the cold, we will probably wait till spring or summer for exploring the scandics!

2018 travel bucket list - Stockholm, Sweden
© Tuukka Ervasti/ imagebank.sweden.se

4. Tel Aviv: city tripping in the Miami of the Middle East

Tel Aviv: one of the cities that is on our wish list for awhile now! We are super curious to see why Tel Aviv got the nickname of the Miami of the Middle East. We might have a good idea though, although we have a pretty good idea; Sun, Party, Food. But one thing they have to offer and Miami doesn’t is Culture and delicious Middle Eastern food. We love a good hummus and this city has plenty. Did you know that Tel Aviv is also known as the Vegan capital of the world? We’d love to combine this city trip with a visit to the dead sea, Jerusalem and Petra (Jordan)!

2018 travel bucket list - Tel Aviv
© touristisrael.com

5. Scuba-diving in The Philippines!

Ine got Padi certified in Bali last year and she can’t wait to explore more of the magnificent undersea world. From world-renowned to Unesco Heritage sites, The Philippines are promising mind-blowingly beautiful flora and fauna with over 7000 islands! If you don’t believe us, this video might convince to go scuba diving too!

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