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Wilderness Festival at Oxfordshire U.K.

Last weekend I went to Wilderness festival for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect, I had a quick glance to the line-up and saw things such as “Morning bougie”, “Disco dodgeball”, “Sock wrestling” and Bastille headlining. My instagram research showed that more glitter is better, and that was basically all the information I had before packing up my tent, camping gear and heading out to Cornbury park in Oxfordshire.

This festival took me by surprise! There was so much to do and so much to see and every time I walked around the festival I had the feeling I saw something new. We had so much fun at the festival and would love to go back one day! It is definitely a festival to experience at least once 🙂


Shaking to “Freak out” with Father Funk Nile Rodgers, singing along with Disney songs and raving in the Valley to dance music. Just a few of the things we did last weekend! I can’t wait to see next years line-up! But music isn’t all this festival is about… keep reading to discover more.


I honestly think that if you ask anyone at Wilderness festival, what their top 3 is at the festival. Most people will have the food in their top 3! It’s a paradise for vegans, gluten free or someone with any other intolerances. The whole festival is basically also a food truck festival; Thai, Burgers, Vegan tacos, 100% Coconut pancakes, Indian burritos, brownies,… I always got excited when lunch or dinner time came around. Should I try out the Persian food truck today, or should I go with the Sushi wraps? Decisions Decisions! Ohhh and it’s not just food! You can sip your drink at the Champaign garden, or do you rather prefer drinking a Pimm’s in their flower garden or perhaps shake your hips with a G&T at the Gin Tonic bar?


Different than any other festival I have been to is that there are so many workshops to go to! From making your own flower crown to working with metal. From relationship workshops, to paddle board yoga. There are honestly to many to name! Definitely something to look into, before you go to Wildneress festival. Since there is so much to do and some do require reservation. A couple of the workshops are free, best to check before showing up.


The crowd is very mixed. It goes from young children to 70 year olds. There are lots of activities for children, an area for them where they have workshops for kids. Circus workshop, storytelling, … It’s  a big mixture and a fun crowd! Everything goes and everyone gets along. What is spectacular about the crowd at Wilderness festival is that they LOVE to dress up. Tons of glitter must have been sparkling around Cornbury park. Creatures off the night dressed up in spectacular costumes. After your first festival, you can’t wait for next year, just to come back with the craziest and shiniest outfit! There are shops at the festival that sell sequin everything, but they are ridiculously expensive. So better keep your eye out for sequin, gold, glitter, shimmer, … Nothing is too much at Wilderness and that’s what creates a fun crowd to be around.  


There is so much to do at the festival. With the hot temperatures  we had the past weekend, one of the daily activities was swimming at the lake. Some sexy flexing, a game of cricket, listening to the live forum, playing a game of scrabble,… again here the possibilities are endless!


Festivals are mostly all about camping, basic necessities and sleeping in a tent. But at this festival it doesn’t have to be! You can get all the luxury and comfort you want; Glamping in tents that are all set up and ready for you. Relaxing in a hottub, while sipping champagne.  No dirty toilets at the festival, but a limited access clean normal toilet. Sitting down at a banquet table, with Michelin star chefs preparing you a fenomenal 4 course meal. You’d almost think that you are at a luxury resort! But of course this pampering isn’t for everyone and comes with a price.

All in all a spectacular festival that is worth exploring!

Keep an eye out on their website for next year’s date: https://www.wildernessfestival.com/

Ticket prices

General camping: £149 (€165,77) for an adult ticket
Family camping:  £149 (€165,77) for an adult ticket
Quiet camping:  £149 (€165,77) for an adult ticket
Live-in vehicle camping:  £149 (€165,77) for an adult ticket
Meadow camping: On request
Boutique camping: On request

Car passes: £15

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