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Brussels – Paris connection


Paris is my favorite short city trip from Belgium and I’ve probably already tried all of the transportation to get there (except for the bus). It’s a perfect weekend getaway, quick to get to and a city with so much to offer!

Now, what are your options? :


This is my preferred way of transport. It’s fast! It only takes 1h22 to go from the middle of Brussels (Brussels Midi) to the center of Paris (Paris Nord). The seats are comfortable, there is lots of space for your bags (and no limits or fluid regulations). The price is not bad, as long as you book in advance. Check their website for deals as well! They even offer several routes (Amsterdam – paris & Cologne  – Paris ), in case you are not leaving from Brussels.

Duration: 1h22
Frequency: 23 trains a day
Price range: €58 return if you book in advance (cheapest) to an average of €100 return
Comfort: Great comfort, good seats and lot’s of space
Wifi: There is a wifi free wifi connection, but don’t expect too much of it
More info: https://www.thalys.com/be/en/


I said that Thalys is my preferred way of transport to Paris, but that was before Izy came. They are cheap! If you dare to take a chance on not having a guaranteed seat, you are looking at 10€ for a seat! It goes up from that; folding seats are €15, standard are €19 and the standard XL is €29. All very reasonable prices! It takes the same route as the Thalys, but instead of 1h22, you’ll be 2h33 on your way before entering the city of romance. It’s also a comfortable ride, of course depending on your seat option.

Duration: 2h33
Frequency: 2 trains a day, with the exception of Friday and Sunday when there are 3 trains a day
Price range: Price ranges from €10 to €29 for a one way
Comfort: Depends on your seat selection
Wifi: No
More info: www.izy.com


You could of course also drive to Paris! Depending on traffic it could take you only 4h to drive to the city! The only downside is that parking can be a bit expensive, or the fact that driving in the city center of Paris can cause a nervous breakdown. I suggest to look up where to park in advance. I did it once and used parking city pass (www.parkingsdeparis.com) to book my parking space in advance. I took Car park Olivier Metra. This costed me 27 Euros for 3 days! From the parking you need to take a Metro in the city center. I would only recommend it when you are travelling with a few people and you don’t have to worry about time to much.

Duration: 4h to 6h (depending on traffic)
Frequency: You can leave whenever you want 😉
Price range: 44.54 € including Toll 13.90 €, Consumption 30.64 € (single route) + 27€ parking (3 days)
Comfort: The comfort of your own car
Wifi: No
More info: www.parkingsdeparis.com

Blabla Car

You could also find someone that’s already driving to Paris and want’s to share their ride with you. I’ve never done it for a trip to Paris, but I have been on a couple of blabla car trips and even offered a ride myself one time. It’s a good way of transportation, but you need to be careful. You are still getting in the car with a stranger. So see what makes you feel comfortable and if you can find a ride on your set times and of course get a ride back too!

Duration: 4h to 6h (depending on traffic)
Frequency: You are depended on the offers of other drivers
Price range: The average price asked is 20€  (single route)
Comfort: Depends on the ride you chose
Wifi: No
More info: www.blablacar.com


I’ve never took the bus to Paris, but it is an option and a cheap one I’ve heard. But it’s also a long option! So for the student/backpacker that is looking to save a few euros and has time, it’s a good option. 13 € will get you to Paris and will take you about  3h50. It’s a good second option if you are looking for a cheap ride and the no guaranteed tickets are already sold out on Izy.

Duration: 4h30 on average
Frequency: 8 to 10 busses a day
Price range: Around €31 for a return ticket
Comfort: The comfort of a standard bus, so not that comfortable
Wifi: It is possible
More info: http://www.eurolines.com/

To compare your routes yourselves, goeuro makes a good overview of options for you: http://www.goeuro.com/

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