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Hotspot alert! YUP – hip hotel in Hasselt

“Hi, we were expecting you”! Thanks ☺

Quotes & kitsch, not a typical combo you expect when you enter a hotel lobby, but YUP Hotel in Hasselt is definitely one of the most eclectic hotels in Belgium. The hotel has the style of a boutique hotel but at a low budget price.

YUP =  Young Urban Professional. A Yuppie as source of inspiration and as preferred profile of the hotel guest. The yuppie is a modern adventurer looking for relaxation and fun, they love service and style but in an affordable yet innovative and different stay. Check, yes we feel at home!           

We are a big big fan of YUP hotel because it differs quite a lot from the standard hotel!

The concept: I think I was born in the 80ies

Creneau International in Hasselt is the creative mastermind behind the transformation of the former ibis hotel. The branding, the concept and interiors take you back to the 80ies and the adventurous life of the yuppies. No need to follow the (normal) rules (of a hotel) and that’s why we like it so much! You get a sense of freedom and flexibility, anything can and anything goes. We choose our food and drinks at the Grab & Go. We get some rose bubbles and “just press for champagne” for the next round 🙂  At YUP, you can even choose the music by spinning the decks or let yourself loose on the piano but we just chilled and sticked to the Versuz playlist.

The Interior: out of the ordinary

Tapisplein is out of fashion for quit some years now, no decades, but the banana carpet gives me an instant happy feeling! The designers had an eye for color, quotes, detail and the latest interior trend like neon, various cozy corners (pinterest stuff!), tropical prints and marble & brass. The latter are mainly used in the rooms, to give you a sense of luxury, despite the price of the room.

“With a twist. It may be a little kitschy” quote from the designers.


YUP Hotel – Different Hotels nv
Thonissenlaan 52, 3500 Hasselt


Rooms start from 54€ a night, breakfast 12€

It is worth to take a short walk around the block, you can spot several graffiti art in a circle of 500m. If you are in a sporty mood, rent bikes and explore more graffiti walls around the city center of Hasselt.

Hasselt Grafitti
©Hilde Coenegrachts

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