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Wine tasting in the Wachau Valley, Austria

Vienna, Austria

Why the Wachau Wine valley?

City tripping is fun! But after a while you get a bit tired of looking at building after building. This is an excellent break from the gorgeous city life of Vienna! Perfect for wine lovers and if you are like me and are travelling with an “I only drink beer” guy, there is biking and sightseeing involved too! The Wachau wine valley is actually one of UNESCO’s world heritage landscapes.


A 9am start at the office of Vienna Explorer to meet your guide and start the day. Your guide takes you on a metro ride and train ride (which he both paid for) to the Wachau valley. Once arrived you pick up your bike and are off to the first winery. We visited 3 different wineries and had lunch, including some free time at the cute little town of Dürnstein. Here you can visit the ruin castle, if you are brave enough to hike the hill all the way. It’s worth it alone for the amazing views from the top! Lunch was arranged by the organisation, but it’s not included and you do have to pay an extra 10€.


Wachau valley, Austria. Only 50km away from Vienna

How to get there?

We did a tour with Vienna Explorer, they arrange everything. You could also take the train yourself and find a map of the wineries as well as a bike rental. Stop off at Melk and start your route there. This will give you more freedom to do what you like. The tour was nice, but at some points a bit rushed and the biking pace was kind of fast (for someone that never bikes and should work out more). Everyone in the group made it and besides a few sights and sweat drips we all managed just fine, it just depends on what you prefer.


Vienna Explorer: 64€ per person (lunch not included) or 148€ for two people including the Vienna Walking tour. There are other companies that offer this trip as well or you can do it own your own.

What do I need to take?

Depending on the weather take your raincoat or sunglasses and sunscreen. Wear suitable bike riding clothes. There is water at the wineries and during lunch, so no need to carry that along. 10€ in Cash for the lunch and any extra if you intend to have a few more beverages or want to buy some wine.

More info:

Vienna Explorer: http://www.viennaexplorer.com/

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