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Antwerp – Red star line museum

All on board!

Tourist in my own city

I’ve been living in Antwerp for a couple of months now and I still love exploring the city! There is so much to see and do. I mostly like just biking around and looking up at the buildings, or discovering the best (new) food hotspots. But every once in awhile I enjoy a good museum too! The Rubens house has already been checked off my list, a must do however and if you are under 26 you get a nice discount! The MAS museum is on the list too, but my boyfriend had recently visited it. So off to option number 3; the Red Star Line Museum!

What to expect?

The history of the red star line shipping company, but mostly their passengers! The museum guides you through the steps that the passengers had to take that wanted to immigrate to America or Canada and live the American dream. You read and hear a lot of personal stories of a few of the two million people that passed these gates. The reason why they wanted to immigrate, the process they had to go through and also a follow up on what happened when they arrived.

Because they tell the stories about the people and their journeys, you get sucked into it. We’ve spent a good 2 hours at the museum, however I felt I could even spent more time there! I really enjoyed the interactivity and engagement that this museum has to offer. Plus you can do this all at your own pace. I lost track of my boyfriend after the first half hour of our visit. Also because he thought I was already way ahead. I guess I’m a slow reader? 🙂


How to get there?

  • By bike: On a sunny day you can rent the Antwerp city bikes, there is a bike station just in front of the building. Read more about how to hire the Antwerp city bikes here.
  • By Car: The closest paid car park is Waagnatie. Don’t forget that Antwerp is now a low emission zone and check the current constructions in Antwerp on slimnaarantwerpen.be
  • By Public transport:
    • Train: Take bus 17 at Antwerp-Central Station, exit Pelikaanstraat. Get off at terminus Brouwersvliet.
    • Tram: Tram 7 (from Mortsel via Nationale Bank to Sint-Pietersvliet) get off at terminus Sint-Pietersvliet. (walk 1 km)
    • Bus: Bus 17 (from Wilrijk via Central Station to Brouwersvliet/Rijnkaai), get off at terminus Brouwersvliet. (walk 800 m)

Opening hours

Tue – Sun: Open from 10h to 17h


Children ( – 12 years): free
Young People ( 12 -26 years): 6€
Adults (26 – 65 years): 8€
Antwerp residents: Free
Last Wednesday of the month: Free
For group visits and combinations with other museums check the red star line museum site

Combine with:



  • Otomat (750m) – Hip pizza
  • €€ Lazy Jack (900m) –  Trendy terrace at the waterfront
  • €€ Roest (700m) – Food in an industrial setting
  • €€€ Mon (750m) – (smoked) Grill



  • Make sure you get the free English little booklet. Not everything is explained in English and French. Some things are only mentioned in Dutch.
  • Go during the summer, on a sunny day. There is a beach bar just across the street where you can relax after your museum visit.
  • Free entrance on the last wednesday of the month
  • Visiting New York? Step into the footsteps of the immigrants and visit the Ellis island national museum of Immigration on the other end of the ocean. See what the arrival must have looked like and find out even more about the immigration story!
  • Movie to watch: The Immigrant. A movie with Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix, about two Polish immigrants trying to enter the United States.




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