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Là haut Viage: the rooftop in Brussels!

It’s Thursday… You have the feeling you deserve an apéro (I personally always have that feeling :-)). But you would like to go somewhere else than your usual bar or place Lux. So we are thrilled to share one of our favorite places with you: Là haut VIAGE in Brussels city center!

Là Haut Viage – The place to be on a Thursday

I start with one of the only downsides, it is only open on Thursday’s. So during the peak hour of apero time (around 19.30-ish) it can get a bit crowded and queuing lines at the escalator do get real. That is actually just to guarantee your safety but it can be frustrating when your friends are already enjoying the view and their drinks. For the moment the rooftop is scheduled to be open till 31/08 so better hurry for your next Thursday afterwork!

The interior

The VIAGE is a casino and before the transformation into a rooftop, it used to be a club (but not the one you would particularly recommend).  VIAGE and Les Organizers, together with interior designer Michel Penneman, turned the former club into a green and luxurious décor that immerses the public in a hidden garden with a view high above the Brussels streets.

From the entrance of the Anspach Galerie (which is frankly not the nicest street of Brussels) coming up the escalators, a mysterious setting of lush plants gradually reveals itself. A corridor leads you to the main room and into a surprisingly bohemian and tropical world… Plants are literally all over the place even in custom-made installations to create a green ceiling. In the mood to mingle or there with a group? Have a seat at the long table or settle in one of those popular rattan chairs covered with cosy fur, … I just love this bohemian and tropical look! Little by little I am creating my own indoor tropical garden in our apartment (all at once would have been to shocking for the boyfriend :-))  You are not just at VIAGE for the interior, the 360 ° panoramic terrace has a great (or even the best?) view of Brussels.

The concept

VIAGE had been looking for an ideal partner to restyle the space and possibly create a new nightlife concept in Brussels. Four young entrepreneurs a.k.a. ‘Les Organizers’ where the perfect match as they have a preference for unknown places and/or less popular areas of Brussels. They try to revitalize those places and areas to contribute to a positive image of Brussels with strong and nitty concepts!

Les Organizers became known two years ago when organizing ‘les soirées Chez Ginette’ in the Havana Club (on Friday). They also played an important role in the buzz around the launch of the new Jam Hotel last summer by organizing ‘J’Peux Pas J’Ai Piscine’ on the hotel terrace. Interest to visit the JAM hotel? Read all about it in our article.

(c) Gabriel Lelièvre


Boulevard Anspach 30
1000 Brussel
Entrance via the Anspach gallery (Muntplein, junction Kleerkopersstraat/Schildknaapsstraat)
Open: Every Thursday during summer, from 17h till

How to get there?

Metro & tram is around the corner: Metro de Brouckère
Plenty of public parkings: De Brouckère, De Munt, Parking 58,..

Combine with

They partnered up with Deliveroo to order and get your food delivered.
As you are in the center of Brussels, many options in the streets around VIAGE:

  • Yaki (250m) – Thai (you don’t go for the interior, but the food is good!)
  • € le fornostar (600m)  – Italian Brasserie
  • €€ Strofilia (700m) – Greek mezze
  • €€ Kobob (600m) – Ethiopian (eat with your hands)

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