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A boutique hotel with a stunning lakeview in Lucerne

We needed a stopover location in Switzerland on our way to our family vacay in Italy. I chose Lucerne as this is around 60% (730 KM) down our route. After some research I found the perfect spot for my boyfriend (interior architect) and I (interior lover)! Högerli, A Bed and Breakfast in the hills overlooking the lake of Lucerne, built by the owner & architect himself.

The concept: a B&B in the hills

A construction in concrete overseeing the lake of Lucerne and the small harbor of Weggis, quite an idyllic setting! The owners share their house with the guests, so you get a homey setting. Daniel, man of the house and the architect, build the house 8 years ago, but it is still very modern. He used rough materials such as concrete and steel and played with the construction to let natural light in. A funny detail:  you can still spot the building indications on the concrete outside.

In addition to the breakfast, dining is possible on their outside terrace. As we are just staying for the night we gladly take the offer! For 38 CHF (35€) Susanna serves a 3-course dinner, starting with fresh fish from the lake. The main dish is a traditional plate with meat, potatoes and vegetables (more my boyfriend’s style than mine). As dessert we have delicious chocolate mousse, which was freshly made in the afternoon (we spotted them making it upon arrival). Super fresh, but not particularly light 🙂 In total we spend 100 CHF (90€) on our dinner and drinks – a beer, wine & water. Which is reasonably priced for Switzerland.


The interior: a blend of concrete and wood

A modern building, designed in a smart way with the right balance to guarantee some privacy for the owners combined with the 3 guest rooms.  They blend the materials perfectly; our room has concrete ceiling and walls, but also one wooden wall and a wooden bathtub. The circulation is remarkable as we enter our room via the bathroom. The bathroom extends by a huge rain shower / bathtub which is in the middle of the room.  But the best is yet to come, as you shower and sleep with a view on the lake. My boyfriend was a fan of the hanging bed, he could picture himself gaming all day before the television (which was obviously not an option).

We dined on our terrace, which is also the terrace of the/their kitchen. The industrial kitchen area has some design chairs to chill with the lakeview. The breakfast with local products such as cheese, meat and fish, is served on the first floor, with a more covered view on the lake. The only remark we might have is that the furniture is not up to the same design standards as the building itself.

The area – Lucerne / Luzern

Switzerland has 103 large lakes, with Lucerne lake (also called Vierwaldstättersee by the locals/GPS) being 5th on the list. So definitely worth exploring, certainly after I’ve seen it with my own eyes. The lake, the mountains & hills surrounding it and the road around the lake are just breathtaking! Also, you can swim in the blue lake which felt surprisingly warm. Susanna tried to convince us with an early morning swim (just like her), but we opted to stay in bed just a bit longer. Weggis is one of the villages around the lake but not particularly hot and happening, Our plan was to visit Lucerne as it has some cool highlights but due to time we decided to stay and chill at our bed and breakfast.



Distance Lucerne – Belgium (Brussels): 670 KM – 6h30 drive
For Switzerland a vignette is required – 40 CHF (35€)

Lützelaustrasse 31


Booking via Airbnb – new to Airbnb?
We payed 244 € for 1 night including breakfast. 209 € and 35 € AirBnB service cost

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