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It’s more fun to discover Antwerp by bike

We just love to discover cities by bike! Why? Your hair gets messy and you get a natural blush on your face :-). But for real, biking is less exhausting than walking around in a city plus you can see much more of the city landscapes and architecture than by car!

The Belgians love for biking

Not only the Dutch are known for their biking culture, Antwerp loves biking and bikers love Antwerp! For instance last weekend in June, Antwerp was the host city of the Belgian Championship Cycling (and for the record, cycling is A BIG THING in Belgium).

What’s more, the city of Antwerp is 4th on the list of most bike-friendly cities in the world, whoop whoop!  Of course our Dutch neighbours are practically born on their bikes so score better with 2 cities in the top 3. It’s not just another random list, it’s drafted by Copenhagenize, a Danish urban design agency specializing in cycling policy.  

So lot’s of reason to take your bike to discover Antwerp, if you are not a local, read below how easy it is to bike around in our new hometown Antwerp!

Rent a velo

Rent a bike in one of the 263 Velo stations for 24 hours or even for a week.  With its recent expansion Velo covers the whole city borders and even further away, so plenty of choice for short or longer rides.

Subscribe by the following these simple steps


How to use the bike?

  • Enter the UserID you received by SMS number 3455, followed by your password into the scree
  • Your bike’s number is indicated on the big screen plus the green light will be flashing on the station
  •  Smile, pick up your bike and enjoy your ride 🙂
  • Discovered a hotspot worth taking a break? Park your bike in a free slot at one of the stations.  Have a bit of patience until the light is solid green and you are good to go!

Good to know

  • There is no lock that comes with the bikes, so don’t leave your bike unattended…
  • After 30 minutes you start paying an additional fee, or you can also lock your bike and wait for 5 minutes to get 30 new free minutes 🙂
  • If you return a bike, you have to wait 5 minutes before you can take another one
  • If one station is full or empty, You will immediately see on the screen in which nearby stations there are still locks or bikes available.
  • You can bike max for 4 consecutive hours


Tips Belges en Route

  • Happy wallet time: you can park your car for free at the big Vlaamse Waalse kaai or at the waterside.
  • Just to give you a heads-up, since February Antwerp has implemented a low emission zone. Check here if your car is allowed in or what would be the admission fee.
  • Coming by train? There are 4 Velo stations just outside of the station, 2 in direction of the shopping street and two at the zoo exit.
  • Got the cycling vibe? You can also read our article on Biking in Berlin

Don’t know where to go? Check out our instagram for Antwerp hotspots or read our story on the Red Star museum.



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