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Top 3 most instagrammable spring locations.

1. Cherry Blossoms in Bonn – Germany

As soon as the warmer days in April start, the streets of Bonn bloom into a pink sea of flowers. Heerstrasse & Breite Strasse transforms into a tunnel of cherry blossoms. The city of Bonn is becoming more and more popular for it’s pink blossoms. It’s worth a visit and got added to our to do list!


It’s difficult to predict the timing of the blossoms, since it’s weather related. It depends on the previous winter and the weather of April. However, mid-April is generally the best time to go and is the peak of the season. After 10 to 14 days the flowering is over.


Heerstrasse & Breite strasse in Bonn Germany.
About 2 to 2h30 drive from Antwerp.
Half hour drive from Cologne. Trains regularly drive from Cologne to Bonn.

Cherry Blossoms © Bundesstadt Bonn
© Bundesstadt Bonn

2. Tulips – Netherlands

As of mid-March to the end of May, the Netherlands transform into a patchwork of colors. The Netherlands offers the perfect climate for tulips due to the long springs and cool nights. The soil in the polders is constantly drained, a great condition for the tulip bulbs!


Again this is weather dependent. It starts mid March, but to see the flowers in full bloom, April is the best time. Everywhere you go, you’ll see beautiful colors.


The most famous tulip field, and the one everyone has heard of is Keukenhof. A 30min drive from Amsterdam and the most touristic tulip destination. If you want to avoid the tourists, you can go out in the countryside.
Most of the tulip farms are in the Noordoostpolder in the province of Flevoland. Another good location is the bulb fields along the coast from The Hague and Leiden to Alkmaar. But we will test out the closest tulip destination to Antwerp; the Goeree-Overflakkee Tulip route! So keep an eye out on our blog to find out more!

Keukenhof Tulips
© Keukenhof

3. Bluebells at the Hallerbos – Belgium

Wild bluebells turn the Hallerbos into a fairy like forest with its purple carpet! More than 45 km of hiking trails will give you plenty of opportunity to see and enjoy the bluebells. One or the closest colorful spring fields for us, but unfortunately still sitting on our to do list.


Mid-April is the best time to see the bluebells bright up the forest. You can keep an eye out on their website, to see the update on the bluebells and the best time to go. Please do keep in mind that the Hallerbos is a protected nature area with a fragile and unique vegitation. Therefor it’s important to always stay on the path.


Hallerbos, a forest between Zenne and Zoniën. The best way to explore the Hallerbos is with the free walking map.


When visiting these beautiful and instagram worthy places, please do take care of the flowers. Stay on the paths and don’t pick the flowers or step on them! Don’t live  for “the gram”, but respect the places you go to and leave it as you found it for others to enjoy.


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